Recorded your music and want 4D Sounds to mix it? We strive for an organic and dynamic sounding mix which we achieve by using a variety of digital and analogue equipment. Our dedicated mixing suite is acoustically treated to ensure we have an accurate listening space in which to mix.

4D Sounds work with bands and artists around the world to help them achieve the best possible results for their recordings. Regardless of where you live in the world, we can mix and master your music. We also offer re-amping and drum programming.

Rates vary based on a project’s needs and timescale so please get in touch for a quote based on your requirements. Please detail your exact requirements to assist us in providing an accurate quote. If you’re able to send a link to a rough mix/demo this would also help.

Things to bare in mind...


  • Record all your material as 24bit or higher. The increased dynamic range counters any gain structure issues during the recording process while still retaining a low noise floor and high resolution. Bringing a fader down 6db is in effect the same as loosing 1 bit of resolution.

  • Try not to go past -3dbfs when recording, in fact I tend to use -6dbfs as a maximum. There’s no need to go higher than this in the digital realm. Leave the loudness war to be fought by the mastering engineer!

  • When supplying unaffected clean/DI guitar tracks to be reamped, please ensure you have used some sort of Hi impedance instrument DI as opposed to a line input. Most audio interfaces have an instrument input. The reamping process can get noisy if the signal is not recorded properly.

  • When exporting or bouncing tracks from your DAW, ensure that all plugins, EQs etc are bypassed and that the faders are at unity/0db (unless there are clipping problems). Please also ensure mono files remain as mono files and are not accidentally bounced to stereo files.

  • Make sure all the audio files are exported within the same region so that when they are imported at our end, they are all in sync and lined up.

  • While we prefer to be sent the audio files/stems and MIDI files. We can accept OMF or project files from Cubase and Nuendo if necessary.