4D Sounds have teamed up with Sphere Studios to record the first in a series of dynamic drum sample libraries. Sphere Studios is one of London's finest with a long-standing reputation amongst industry professionals.The session was engineered by studio owner Francesco Cameli who has worked with an extensive client list that includes the likes of Queen, Phil Collins, West Life, Gary Moore, Bullet For My Valentine, New Model Army and TesseracT. Martin Oldham (clients including Maroon 5, Keane, Elton John, Killing Joke and Razorlight) was also on hand as drum tech for the session. Together they ensured that the drums were set up to be enriched by the outstanding acoustics of Sphere's live room. This combination of precision and expertise added enlivening levels of depth and detail to the samples in a strive to create a clear and unique overall sound. 

Behind the drum hits were Jamie Postones (TesseracT) and Mike Malyan (Monuments). Both drummers are highly skilled and well respected for bringing a new force to modern drumming. Edited and co-engineered by Tesseract founder Acle Kahney, these samples are a delivery of his personal ideal in drum sound production.



  • DW VLT 20×20 Kick
  • DW 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ Toms
  • Vibe 24×18
  • Vibe 10″, 13″, 16″, 18″ Toms
  • Ludwig Black Beauty 5.5″ Snare

The kits were recorded at 88.2khz/24bit (provided as 44.1khz/24bit and 88.2khz/24bit), pre-phase aligned kick drum mics and are available for Kontakt (version 5.10.6066 or higher. Kontakt Free Player is currently not compatible), Slate Digital Trigger and WAVs. Please note these samples are Kick, Toms & Snare only. On average there are 10 hits per velocity and 10 velocity layers. We also added 3 left kick pedal hits for the three highest levels and 3 rimshots layers which we advise using for hardest hits. There are 5-6 velocity layers for the toms.

A mix of the Neve 88RS, Neve 1093 and Neve 1081 preamps were used. We like Neve :) We kept the tight/clean/punchy desk preamps for the DW kit and used the warmer/smoother 1093/1081 preamps to compliment the lower tuned vibe kit. As for the mics...

  • Kick In       Audio Technia AT25
  • Kick In2      Audix D6
  • Kick Out      Neumann U47
  • Snare Top     SM57
  • Snare Bottom  SM57
  • Toms          AT 251/LE
  • Overheads     AKG C12 (Stereo)
  • Close Rooms   Royer SF12 (Stereo)
  • Far Rooms     Telefunken ELAM 251 (Stereo)



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These samples are also available for use with FXpansion's BFD 3. Head over to FXpansion's website if you which to use the samples with BFD...

A recent review of the Sphere samples for BFD describes "The snare is worth the purchase price alone!"