About 4D Sounds Online Mastering

With over tens years’ worth of experience, we provide high quality mastering at affordable rates without compromising quality. Our mastering projects include clients varying from solo artists, bands, record labels, producers to businesses. We’re comfortable in a variety of genres from rock, metal to pop, hip hop and electronic/dance.

We are against the loudness war but can provide loud masters which retain the perception of the song’s transients and dynamics. Working within the digital and analogue realm we use ultra clean signal paths to help achieve  the best possible results.

At 4D Sounds you can expect…

  • Mastering for CD/DVD, web, video and digital distribution.
  • Free consultation and advice.
  • Stem Mastering if desired.
  • A loud yet dynamic finished product (if loud is what you want!)
  • Neutral masters or masters with added colour/vibe by taking advantage of the transformers and valves in our outboard gear.
  • Ensuring your music is ready to be played in a variety of settings from car stereos to TV, radio and clubs etc.
  • Approval of masters online via MP3 before payment.
  • Insertion of ISRC codes.
  • Redbook standard and DDP image creation for digital distribution.
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