Preparing Your Tracks for Mastering


Ensure you send your mix at the same sample and bit rate your project was mixed in. 24/32bit is preffered and we accept sample rates from 44.1khz to 192khz. WAV & AIFF files are accepted. Please do not send MP3s.

Levels & Gain Structure
Gain structure is crucial to a good sounding mix and the same is true for mastering. While there is no right or wrong way, there is a tendancy with a lot of digitally recorded music to have all the levels at 11.This is only really benificial in the analogue realm when recording to tape for example but in the digital realm its not necessary.

While it isn’t essential, try to ensure your mixes don’t peak above -3dbFS (-6dbFS is even better). This ensures we have ample headroom to maneuver and make necessary adjustments.

Please also make sure all EQs, compressors, limiters or any other plugins are disabled from the master buss on your mix. Unless there is something crucial on it (in which case let us know).

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