4D Sounds Drum Mixing Tutorial

If you ever wanted to know how Acle Kahney goes about mixing drums in a TesseracT song (or in any rock/metal song), this tutorial is for you! We've put together a 50 minute video lesson and short document going through some elements of a drum mix when using programmed drums.

Listen to the before and after example here:

Some of the areas covered in the tutorial include...

  • Gain structure
  • Dealing with phase and correlation
  • How to treat and EQ the kick drum
  • The "sub kick trick"
  • How to treat and EQ the snare
  • Treating overheads and room mics
  • Creating smooth reverbs
  • Using reverbs and gates to achieve a sense of space and depth
  • Using kick and snare layers for reinforcement
  • ADSR techniques
  • Parallel compression
  • Using a distorted mic channel for reinforcement  

This tutorial aims to give you an insight into how Acle Kahney approaches mixing programmed drums (using Toontrack Superior and Slate Trigger 2). Using processes to create a sense of impact and excitement while trying to ensure there is an element of naturalness and smoothness.  

While some of the techniques are quite subjective to the material, the principles remain the same and can be used in all kinds of applications.