Middle farm studio drum samples

Middle Farm studios is set in the idyllic Devon country side run by producer Peter Miles. We really wanted to capture the great sound of the Middle Farm's live room. It cuts through a dense mix which makes it perfect for rock and metal productions. We also added a parallel compression channel to emphasize the room sound.

The session was engineered by Peter Miles, co-engineered/edited by Acle Kahney and drum hits by Jamie Postones. We recorded 10 layers for the kick and snares, 8 layers for the toms with each layer consisting of 10 random / round robin hits. The dynamics available let the samples stand up by themselves in a mix or alternatively as reinforcement.


The samples were recorded at 44.1khz / 24 bit and are available for use with Kontakt (version or higher required) and as TCI files for Slate Digital Trigger. The WAVs are also available within the Kontakt files. Not compatible with Kontakt Free Player.


Drums, Channels & the instument

  • Guru Kick
  • Guru Toms
  • Brady Snare 5.5'
  • Pearl Snare 5.5'

The kick is split into kick in, sub, overhead, close room, far room, far room compressed.

The snares are split into snare top, snare top condenser, snare bottom, overhead, close room, far room, & far room compressed. Velocity 120 to 127 for the snare is a rimshot (using the stick upside down for added girth!)

The toms are split into one close mic for each tom, overhead, close room, far room and far room compressed.

The "Compress" channel is essentially a duplicate of the far room mics except they were passed through a "Phoenix Thermionic Culture Vulture" valve compressor. This allows you to add parallel compression into the room sound.

It is also possible to control the attack, hold and release for each microphone which allows for creative tweaking of the samples.

Note these are shell samples only, cymbals/hi hats etc are not included.


The samples are also available to buy as individual groups. For example just the kicks or just the snares. Click here for more information.