TESSeract Axe fx presets


We put together a few Axe FX II presets which were used during the recording of TesseracT's latest album "Polaris". The pack includes the bass preset used on some songs, one of the clean presets and a rhythm preset. It's worth noting that the Axe FX Ultra was used to record the rhythm tracks. However we used the tone match feature on the II to capture the signal path and the custom IR used. We have then setup the preset to be as close to Ultra patch as we can. 

The pack includes...

  • Clean bass patch.
  • Distorted bass patch (as used in the song "Utopia").
  • Clean guitar for neck pickup patch (recommend picking near the 24th fret for the "glassy" sound.
  • Clean guitar for bridge pickup.
  • Rhythm Sound.
  • Two cab IRs. #1 For the rhythm patch and #2 for the bass distortion patch.


It's also worth mentioning that these presets (like any) will vary a lot depending on the guitar used (plus how you play and how hard you hit). In particular, the bass patch relies heavily on the instant good sound of a Warwick bass! As a reference we used Mayones guitars with an ash body fitted with Bareknuckle Aftermath/Blackhawk pickups. It may be worth tweaking parameters to suit your style! The clean presets come with all the effects enabled. Again, disable/enable/change the wet level to taste.

The rhythm presets are setup to use user cab location "U0001". The bass presets are setup to use user cab location "U0002". Ensure you upload both cab IRs to your Axe FX.

For Axe FX II firmware Quantum and v19.00 (download link contains separate links for each firmware version).
Quantum pack contains extra tight "brootal" patch.
Presets were created with the Axe FX II so they can be converted for the XL.